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The Microloc Transition

Braided Bliss

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The Microloc Transition
The Microloc Transition
The Microloc Transition
The Microloc Transition
The Microloc Transition

Transition from Sisterlocks to Microlocs  Video Tutorial Class

Transition From Sisterlocks to Microlocs, self maintain your lovely locs and save money today!

What does transitioning to Microlocs really mean?

Let's start with what makes sisterlocks, sisterlocks. Sisterlocks are a patented hair loc’ing system with specific characteristics that define them.

One of the main characteristics is that the base of a Sisterlock can be no more than 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch in area.

Another key characteristic of Sisterlocks is the parting. The parts of Sisterlocks are designed in a way such that it will allow you styling versatility as if you had loose natural hair.

So Again, What does transitioning to Microlocs really mean for you? Nothing!

Your locs we still be maintained using a basic interlocking pattern that's appropriate for you texture, and your grid is already established, so you won't lose your grid or the versatility that's comes with it.

The size of your loc won't change.

The look of your loc won't change.

Your Grid won't change.

What will change is your bank account! Retightenings can cost up to $1600 a year!

Enroll in our class, and start saving today!

In our class you'll learn:

Thr interlocking pattern that's best for your hair.

Hair sectioning and How to maintain your grid and parting patterns.

Our technique-based video tutorial is packed with instructions, including step-by-step demonstrations. Detailed instructions are given for 3 interlocking patterns. A quick start guide is also included for easy reference.


A Transition Tool Kit Is also available for purchase at a discounted rate when purchased together.

The Transition Tool Kit Includes:

(4) Hair Clips (Large & Small)

(4) No Damage Hair Elastics

(1) Stainless Steel Scissors

(1) Interlocking Loc Tool

View The Complete Microloc Transition Kit Here

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